APE Tech December Round-up

Been a slower month this time around, mostly due to Christmas and also because I'd decided to take a bit of a break following the Rayman Alive reveal.

  • All: simplified how configs work, and consolidated it all into com library
  • Core: texture API finally uses the same garbage collection used elsewhere
  • Core: config can now be provided alongside a texture to specify various properties
  • Core: temporarily reintroduced the ability to load an RFL
  • Core: cameras will now handle visibility explicitly
  • Core: camera is now almost always grabbed from the viewport when rendering
  • Core: fixed invalid camera reference when obtaining visible lights
  • Core: world is now almost always grabbed from the camera when rendering
  • Core: moved more game-specific logic over into the game library
  • Core: we now check if editor is active before allowing for viewport override
  • Core: overflow for sky layers is now handled in a more graceful manner
  • Core: fallback is now used if material isn't found for sky layer
  • Core: fixed several bugs with postfx
  • Core: fixed stencil shadow volumes not working due to missing buffer attachment
  • Core: added isometric camera mode support
  • SDL2 Shell: fixed display issues on Windows and improved resolution handling
  • SDL2 Shell: introduced a config for the shell; specify what project it should use
  • Forge: renamed editor frontend to 'Forge'
  • Forge: fixed a crash when displaying warning messages while setting up paths
  • Forge: fixed project generation
  • Forge: fixed project lookup on init and made the selection list a little bit larger
  • Forge: removed support for project icons
  • Forge: added new icons for the editor
  • Forge: experimenting w/ tabulated workflow for editor tools
  • Forge: moved world editor workflow into its own class so we can utilise it as a tab
  • Forge: check for cooking tool on startup so we can use it for processing imports
  • Forge: use new unified config API for fetching the editor config
  • Forge: fixed warning prompt displayed for invalid projects and project generation
  • Forge: colour scheme can now be modified via the config
  • Forge: viewports can now be marked inactive, in which case they won't be updated
  • Forge: introduced context options for viewport, rather than original overhead menus
  • Cook: made a start on a new model cooking interface to replace the old one
  • SS1: pulled code out of the dark ages
  • SS2: tweaked default day/night cycle speed

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