Finally Finished Alan Wake

And uh, yeah, it was alright. Can't really say the way the game ended felt, very rewarding? The narrative was great. The combat was awful.

Generally, it probably could've done with more variation in encounters. It took me a long, long time to finish it, as it felt pretty repetitive to me.

Anyway, that's a quick dump of my thoughts. Slightly shorter post than usual as it was spread over such a period of time that I can't even recall everything that happened.


Review: Forspoken

If you're here getting all excited to see me jump onto the bandwagon of slandering this game into oblivion, I'm afraid I'm going to disappoint you. 

I'd just come away from reading some performance review for the game that Google had recommended me, only to groan upon seeing all the comments outlining how they either felt sorry for anyone that played the game (why did you bother reading the article then!?) or suggesting the game was nothing more than some form of "woke" media, and some other pretty messed up comments I'm not even going to get into.

There's a line between not enjoying something, and going out of your way to ensure that everyone knows how much you dislike the game, that borders on mental illness. It's a game. Use the capacity of your brain to do something more productive, please.


Is Forspoken flawed? Yes. It falls short of what I'd expect from a AAA game. Is it a terrible game? No. Which probably summarizes my review, but I hope you'll stick around to read the rest of my thoughts on it.

I must also warn you that this review is a bit rawer than those I've written prior. I'd originally attempted to write it a bit more orderly, but it didn't pan out, so in the end it felt worth just throwing myself at it instead and letting those emotions flow.

Oh, and, spoiler warning! I'll try to avoid talking about what happens at the end of the game, but might drop little clues, so something to keep in mind!



Review: Sly Cooper

Ah, Sly Cooper, a game that as a kid I'd assume was just some stealth heavy game; not really my type. Instead, it was Spyro the Dragon and the Rayman series that I'd grown up with back in those days (though that was mostly during the first PlayStation era and not so much PlayStation 2, I uh, don't really think there was one particular mascot I'd got attached to during the PS2 era, but I digress).


Review: Far Cry New Dawn

Finished Far Cry New Dawn - didn't take me too long and thought I'd throw my thoughts out. Keep in mind there are spoilers here, so if you're planning on playing it yourself, don't read on.