APE Tech November Round-up

Each month, I'm going to try and do a monthly round-up of the progress I've made with APE Tech, mostly for my own benefit, so I don't feel like I'd spent the month doing absolutely nothing. So here we go for November.

  • Added support for issuing launch arguments via engine config
  • Added support for parsing commands from the command-line
  • Added workaround to allow materials to set shader uniform arrays
  • Added 'show_face_bounds' cvar for displaying face bounding volumes
  • Added 'skip_room_cull' to disable room culling (will render all rooms instead)
  • Added alternate version-based io functions
  • Added support for fullscreen borderless mode
  • Added anisotropic filtering
  • Added an opt-out option for projects, which will hide them from the project selector
  • Added multithreaded recording feature to the engine, output to either jpeg or qoi
  • Added methods for rendering sprites w/ rotating, clipping, scale, offset etc.
  • Added the ability for game logic to override engine draw
  • Fixed post-processing effects, such as bloom, not respecting super-sampling
  • Fixed post-processing effects not appearing in screenshots
  • Fixed fog; near/far needed adjusting following changes to camera code
  • Fixed auto-complete list displaying incorrectly
  • Fixed 'show_room_volumes' cvar, which was discarded following changes to renderer
  • Fixed stencil shadow volumes appearing incorrectly for imported meshes
  • Removed shell "window" API; shell now has to create viewport instance, and going forward the engine is completely oblivious to any windows
  • Render target is now automatically created alongside viewport
  • Prototyped editor frontend using GTK instead of FOX (and then scrapped)
  • Experimented with a simplified scripting language implementation (and then scrapped)
  • More progress on RFII RFL support
  • Font tool can now be built and used under Windows
  • Window swap can now be requested by the engine
  • Expanded sky layer system to allow for explicit offsets, alpha and scale
  • Reset versioning; 4.0.0 → 0.4.0 
  • Exposed internal editor API from ACL
  • Named editor as Forge

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