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2024-06-16 / Mark Sowden

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Well, sort of. Nothing too exciting, but I've finally migrated away from Blogger. At some stage, Google being Google, it'll probably get shut down so I figured I might as well.

I wanted something really simple so spent a day throwing together a static blog generation tool called bloggy. It's just to fit my own needs primarily but I've made it public on GitHub just on the off-chance it's helpful to anyone else.

No more comments though I'm afraid! Not that there would typically be many anyway. But going forward if you've got anything you want to say or add, just message me and I'll just amend the post afterwards to say 'X asked me about Y and I'll probably do Z'.

All the old posts have been migrated over, with varying results. Much of the content just points back to the Blogger uploads etc., and some also pointed to some Discord uploads that are since dead - and I'm not really sure if I'm going to bother doing anything about that at this time.

On another note as a slight update on things, I had recently attempted to rewrite parts of my engine in C++ having been essentially emulating C++ in C, but this would've been a decision better made at the start of the project and not so much after several years of development; it turned out to be a massive can of worms! So I'm going to shelve that for now.

But with that experiment out the way, I'm back to working on more horrible scene-graph crap in the wonderful land of C. Fun.

Though I did implement rope physics in Doom 3 recently for a side project, so that was a fun break.

Anyway, going to aim to post a bit more often on here going forward... We'll see how that goes!

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